Birds find chimneys to be the ideal place to set up home, due to the warmth and shelter in the chimney. A bird nest however can cause health problems, fires, and blockages which themselves can lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Many birds plus other beasties like squirrels, bees, wasps and insects can often make their homes in your chimney causing a potentially dangerous blockage. A blocked chimney can result in smoke or lethal gases like carbon monoxide escaping into your home or even cause a chimney fire so keeping your chimney clear of blockages is vitally important for health and safety. We can remove Bird nest’s that are no longer in use from your chimney. After the Birds nest has been removed we smoke test the Chimney to make sure everything is working correctly.

bird on a chimney

Birds, nests and their eggs are protected by Law and there are severe penalties issued for deliberately destroying active nests. To protect birds and chicks we do not remove nests between May to August as this is their breeding season. Not all nests are active though so If there are no birds, eggs or chicks present then of course we can safely go ahead and remove the nest

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